"During a recent tasting of five Sauvignon Blancs sourced from one vineyard and made by different winemakers, attendees discovered that the winemaker's choice of yeast is also a significant factor."
"...Before I left the employ of Wine Enthusiast, there was one Livermore winery that turned me on, Steven Kent. He showed me what Livermore was capable of—why it had achieved its historic reputation for Bordeaux-style red wines in the first place. Well, Steven has sent me his latest batch, and I must say the wines are as impressive as ever. Here are six reviews."
"After centuries of making significant contributions to America’s wine industry, the Livermore Valley is at last being recognized for its potential as a wine region, producing top-quality wines at very approachable prices. We invited eight of its most industrious winemakers to come together for a toast and some shared perspective."
"Do yourself - and your date - a favor and add wine to the mix this weekend. Dazzle her with your grilling prowess and sear a couple New York strips, lobster tails and veggies with this spicy-herbal [2012 Livermore Valley] Cab."
The Examiner
Mark Nothaft 2/9/2015
"As part of the January #WineStudio, we were treated to samples of wines from the Steven Kent Winery, owned by 6th generation winemaker, Steven Mirassou. Livermore Valley has a long history of growing the “Bordeaux” varietals, ongoing once it became apparent that the climate and soils closely resemble those of Bordeaux’s famed left bank of the Gironde."
50 States of Wine
Kovas Palubinskas 1/15/2015
"This delicious Chardonnay combines richness and spicy, sweet oak tones with freshness and brightness. It is long and harmonious in the mouth, with flavors of spiced pear, apple, and citrus blossom. The wine’s slightly creamy texture is balanced with lifting [citrusy] acids that lead into a full, lengthy finish."
Dezel Quillen 9/10/2014
Behind the Cellar Door: Harvest Stories from the Livermore Valley. Steven Mirassou, Mark Clarin and Collin Cranor talked about Harvest, Livermore Valley, Wine, and more!"
"Celebrate Chardonnay on Merrillie's Birthday with Steven and June Mirassou!"
"This is a great Sauvignon Blanc pairing – a great dish with a great wine. Chef Julie of Unexpected Chef and our Resident Chef has crafted a delectable green papaya salad that pairs perfectly with the 2013 Steven Kent “Lola” Livermore Valley…"
"The winemakers and growers of the historic Livermore Valley grape growing region have kicked off Sauvignon Blanc Month and it looks to be another exceptional opportunity to get summertime into your glass. Various wineries are offering discounts, free bocce and other enticements to celebrate this quintessential Livermore heritage grape, Sauvignon Blanc."
"Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?” For Steven Kent Mirassou, proprietor of Steven Kent Winery, the answer might be everything and nothing. As “America’s oldest winemaking family,” the Mirassou name has been associated with wine for a long time – over 150 years, in fact."
The Examiner
Tracy Ellen Kamens 6/26/2014
"In early spring you can certainly still drink big-bodied red wines, and there are so many good ones from so many global vineyards right now in the marketplace, at just about every price point..."
"Lola L O L A Lola was the wine of the evening on Tout Social with Winemaker Steven Kent Mirassou. The participants bounced questions off the winemaker, listened to his philosophy on Sauv Blanc and learned about the scope and soil of the vineyard. Steven is a joy to listen to and his passion for fine wine really shows."
"Thursday, March 28th, Steven Mirassou will be chatting with the folks at ToutSuite Social Club about the new release of Lola and his favorite Sauvignon Blanc pairings. Have any questions you'd like him to answer? Add them below and then follow the conversation! #Lola"
"09 Home Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon and Folkendt Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon reviewed... Notes of winsome wildness, mint, black pepper, rose petal; long steady finish. Both profound and delightful."
"Steven Kent Winery wins Gold and Silver at San Francisco Wine Competition"
"Steven Kent's 'Sorride' is the Red Wine of the Week from Her VineNess"
"Steven Kent 2010 Small-Lot Cabernet Franc is the Christmas Party Bottle"
"What To Drink Now: Merrillie Chardonnay"
"Taste of Terroir delivered exciting food and wine. Steven Kent Winery and Neil Marquis Catering pairing wins People’s Choice."
"An interview with Steven Kent Mirassou by Touring & Tasting"
San Jose Wine Examiner
Touring & Tasting 7/1/2013
"Steven Kent wins Best in Class at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition"
"There’s a renaissance that’s really just beginning here,' says Steven Mirassou, a fifth generation vintner, whose Tri-Valley wines are among the region’s most outstanding."
Jim Gladstone 7/23/2012
"Although he grew up in a family that has been making wine for six generations, it wasn’t until 1996 that Steven Kent Mirassou brought his love of great Cabernet Sauvignon to the Livermore Valley..."
Touring and Tasting, Summer/Fall Edition
Wendy van Diver 7/6/2012
"Steven Kent. Is this the beginning of a big uptick in quality from this unsung region..."
"Lots of fruit and layers of spice and earth, full bodied and lush. The 2009 will not disappoint and will turn you into a fan of Livermore Valley Cabs."
"After six generations of pressing grapes in California, the Mirassou family has only one son left who owns a wine brand: Steven Mirassou."
"Congratulations to Livermore's Steven Kent Winery, whose cabernets have received some impressive scores from some heavy-hitter wine critics."
"Started in the late 1990’s by Steven Mirassou, of the iconic Mirassou family who has been making wine in California for 160 years. This is his tribute both to his father and family, as well as his statement that great Cabernet Sauvignon can be made in Livermore. And without a doubt, he is proving this."
"What To Drink Now: Steven Kent Winery"
"Wine tasters who want to sip a Steven Kent wine don't have to go to a Ritz-Carlton to do so. They can also be tasted at the tasting room located in the East Bay, about 20 minutes from Oakland and 45 minutes from San Jose or San Francisco."
"The Steven Kent Winery is quickly making a name for itself and setting the standard for quality Cabernet Sauvignon from Livermore."
"Review of 2008 SK Cab Ghielmetti, Clone 337"
Sommelier Journal
Randy Caparosso 1/31/2011
"The time has now come to taste the promise and be a part of this latest page in the winemaking history of Livermore."
The Independant
Laura Ness 10/14/2010