Home Ranch


The Home Ranch is a 5.6 acre site planted in the heart of Livermore Winery Row on Tesla Road. Situated at 610 feet above sea level and planted on riverbed gravel 600 feet deep, the site was planted to Cabernet and Sangiovese in 1996 and Barbera in 1997, this vineyard is responsible for some of the most memorable wines we have produced.


Clone 7 Cabernet from the Home Ranch made its way into the inaugural release of our Collector’s Circle wine club in Positive/Negative, a 2000 vintage, 100% Cabernet.  This 2.8 acre block is trellised on the Vertical Shoot Position (VSP) system in order maximize sun exposure, air flow, and ripeness of fruit.


The 1.1 acre Sangiovese and 1.5 acre Barbera blocks, like the Cabernet block, are VSP and set out in a North-South orientation, 6 feet between rows and 6 feet between plants.